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Andalucia is considered the most beautiful area of Southern Spain. It has a fascinating Islamic history, from the first Madrasas and libraries in Europe to enlightened Masters such as Ibn Arabi (q) who lived in Cordoba. The main cities are interlaced with Islamic culture and spanning centuries - the Medieval peak of European civilisation.


We offer excursions to all of the following detinations; a guided tour by Muslim tour guides that will show you hidden details and fascinating facts. A trip to the Alhambra Palace is included on the retreats - not to be missed!





"Probably ... the most beautiful and haunting of all Spanish cities, an African paradise set under the Sierras like a rose preserved in snow."  Laurie Lee


The Alhambra Palace

The famous Alhambra Palace was built in 889 and completed by Muhammad bin Al-Ahmar. The Alhambra Palace is considered one of the Architectural Wonders of the World with room after room of astonishing and intricate carving and exquisite gardens.


Please note that entrance to the Alhambra is limited in the holidays and so advance booking is recommended.  

Granada City

Located about 50 minutes from Halima Retreat Centre, Granada is a fascinating city with an ancient Muslim quarter, the Albaycin, whose narrow cobbled streets host Morroccan style souks and tea houses as well as beautiful Spanish plazas with excellent shops and restaurants.


There is a beautiful Mosque in Granada near the Mirador de San Nicholas with breathtaking views of the city and the Palace.

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Cordoba was an important city in Muslim Spain. Under the Caliph Al-Hakim II, Cordoba was considered the European centre of learning during the 11th Century, with libraries, medical schools and universities. The Great Mosque at Cordoba is considered an architectural marvel. It was established in the eighth century, and then became the capital of the Islamic Emirate and then Caliphate of Córdoba, including most of the Iberian Peninsula.


During these centuries, Córdoba became a predominantly Muslim society with minorities living in peace and harmony with their Muslim neighbours.


Alpujarran villages

As you wind your way up the mountain roads, charming villages are presented, white washed walls with flowers of every colour. Local produce and crafts such as lavender honey, bright rugs and turrons. The Alpujjara was the last resting place for the Muslims before their exile from Spain.


For more information about tours and holidays and retreats, please email info@halimaretreatcentre.co.uk


Medina Azahara


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Medina Azahara or 'The Shining City' is the ruins of a vast, fortified Muslim medieval palace-city built by Abd-ar-Rahman III al-Nasir, (912–961) Umayyad Caliph of Córdoba, and located on the western outskirts of Córdoba, Spain. It was an Muslim medieval town and the de facto capital of al-Andalus, or Muslim Spain, as the heart of the administration and government was within its walls. Built beginning in 936-940, the city included ceremonial reception halls, mosques, administrative and government offices, gardens, a mint, workshops, barracks, residences, and baths. Water was supplied through aquaducts. It is a fascinating archeological site and an important link in the history of Andalucia.